CRC Transport Team Joins the Marathon Fray

At CRC Transport, we’ve always believed that our strength lies not just in our services but in the dedicated team behind them. This past Sunday, our belief was reinforced as our colleagues laced up their shoes and took to the city streets for the marathon. This wasn’t just a test of physical endurance; it was a manifestation of the values we uphold in our business operations every day.

Why A Marathon Matters To CRC Transport

In the finished vehicle logistics sector, every task we undertake requires precision, commitment, and a spirit of collaboration. 

Away from our usual work environment, the marathon served as an opportunity for our team to bond. The mutual encouragement and collective joy of crossing the finish line mirrored our day-to-day operations.

Just like the unpredictable challenges we sometimes face in transport and logistics, a marathon comes with its own set of uncertainties.

«The marathon was more than a race for CRC Transport. It was a reaffirmation of our belief in teamwork, commitment, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. We’re proud of our team’s participation and are confident that the spirit displayed on the tracks will be mirrored in our services, ensuring that we always go the extra mile for our clients.» mentioned , Roman Vulpe, company CEO